Harper 4 month update

Well, we have made it to 4 months! I’m sure you are thinking wow already? Yes, that went by quickly right?! Every week baby girl is doing something different and the first year always seems to go by in a blink of an eye. Now that we have a baby in the house I find myself saying shhh all the time or please be gentle or keep it down baby is napping. That is what happens when you have an energetic toddler running around the house and it sure is always loud. I still want my baby to sleep on my chest but I notice how her little feet are longer now and she is not as still anymore. She loves being held by her older sister Alyssa and playing on her piano mat. As long as she has a dry diaper she is a happy baby. I’ve noticed a lot of drooling these days I’m thinking she might be teething because she tends to be a tad bit fussier it is a hit or miss on those days though. Her older two sisters make her laugh all the time and my husband Aj and I have noticed when the two older girls play Harper wants to be a part of it, it is so cute. Harper started rolling over about a week ago and is weighing 15lbs! My sweet 8 lb newborn is 15lbs already?! what? she is growing up quickly and I’m soaking it all in because time is passing quickly and it is not waiting for anyone. She literally went through a growth spurt, all 0-3 month clothes are getting put away and I’m starting to bring out all 6-month clothes out.  Sweet baby girl has been sleeping through the night for us since 6 weeks old and has continued to do so. She does not like a pacifier and refuses to take one but is on the boob 24/7. My husband likes to say that the boob is her pacifier but our breastfeeding journey has been great so far as well. She has been the easiest baby so far or at least that is how it feels with her (: She latched on perfectly as soon as she was born and has been going strong. The longest I’ve been away from her is probably 1-2 hours either when I hit the gym or go for a pedicure, target, or just anywhere on my own. By this time I was already back to work full time with my other two girls so I’m very thankful that I’m able to spend this time and enjoy her the way I want to. I’ve always wanted to stay home a little longer when my kids were born but I was active duty in the military and once maternity leave was over (which was 6 weeks) it was time to get back to work. So being a stay at home parent now is a role that I have embraced fully and I’m so very thankful that I’m able to do so. Obsessed is an understatement at this point I love her so much and I can’t get enough of her, she is the sweetest calmest baby. I love her oh so dearly!

Our Current Favorites

This is our current favorite play mat I absolutely love it and so does Harper if you follow along on our Instagram stories you will see how she loves to play on this mat, I think her favorite is playing the little piano with her feet it is too cute. I’m linking both colors (:

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Favorite Toy

We recently bought this little foxy toy and let me tell you it is her favorite. She sits in her car seat and will start laughing out of nowhere on her own while playing with it. (You can clip this one on the handle) Her laugh is the best music to my ears!


You can find Harper’s bow here and her outfit is from Old Navy. Update (hers is sold out so this is a similar one)


Thanks for following along on our journey until next post (:


 xo Tanya




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