Big Sur, California

17 mile drive

Big Sur, California is undeniably defined by nature it is a beautiful wonderful place to visit. My husband and I visited this place back in 2011 when our oldest was about 1. And here we are 6 years later and 2 more kids added to our bunch (pregnant with our little one) This was one of the first places we visited once we started our cross country journey and I’m so glad that we did. We made wonderful memories and showed the girls the beauty of nature. Before our trip we knew we were going to  explore 17 mile drive because it is one of the most scenic drives on the Monterey Peninsula, and quite possibly the world! Since we were traveling with kids we wanted to make sure to make frequent stops so we can stretch and gaze upon the beautiful beaches and landscapes. There are iconic landmarks and photo opportunities which include  The Lone Cypress, Spanish Bay, Stillwater Cove, the Del Monte Forest, and the world-renowned Pebble Beach Golf Links. Our favorite was Pebble Beach, I mean it is hard to choose a favorite but this beach is the beach where we all walked around took pictures, made videos and most importantly left a little peace of our history behind in those shores. The entrance to Pebble Beach and 17 mile scenic drive is $10.25 per vehicle and upon entering you receive a brochure  detailing the many scenic and historic points of interest along the route which also serves as a perfect souvenir. We collected brochures of all the different places we visited and we had the kids write or draw in a family album for memories. Here are some pictures of us exploring, enjoy! and if you have any questions reach out to me I will be more than glad to give some tips (:

xo Tanya



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