modern and farmhouse decor


Before I dive into the details a little background about this space; the left photo is what it looked like before we bought & moved in our home. Was not a huge fan of  the paint color so before we closed on our house I said, it is a yes, as long as we repaint this house (: My husband painted our home almost a year later. Yes, a year later, it was worth the wait, we took our time and swatched over 10 different whites on the wall they all looked the same but then they all looked different as well. (I know that sounds a little silly, but we really did test a lot of different white colors and finally decided on the one.





My goal was to have a cozy, airy, home and a mixture of modern and farmhouse decor. I don’t tie myself down to one type of decor so this allows me to explore and choose items that represent our style.  My favorite is the chair covers I know you may be saying you have kids and white, wait, what?! Love that they are slipcovers so I easily throw them in the wash and wala. Simple. I bought two slipcovers to test out if I liked them and if they looked good on in our space and I haven’t been back for the other two hehe Without further ado here are the resources. If you have any questions leave a comment and I will get back to you. Enjoy!

  1. paint /we used Sherwin Williams- Coconut Ice/satin finish
  2. table/ bought at Walmart years ago/ my husband and I plan on building a table together sometime in the future.
  3. light fixture/ Overstock
  4. wooden shelf / Kirkland
  5. chair covers/ Ikea
  6. gather sign/ Hobby Lobby
  7. Vase & flowers/Ikea
  8. Chairs/Homegoods find
  9. Curtains/ Target







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