Family photos in Florida

Hi loves how is it going. WOW, it’s been a little while since I published a blog post. I just realized I had a draft up and never got around to finishing it. Life has been extremely busy this season and with my husband both and I in school, we realized that one of us is going to have to take a little step back because it got very overwhelming for us. And that’s ok. Being in school while having 3 kids is extremely difficult you think working at home or doing online may be easy peasy but let me tell you, IT IS NOT! I have to leave my house to work on school projects and study because our house indeed does stay loud. (If you are a parent you know what I mean) And I know it’s not just us going through this but others out there as well. A lot of you may feel overwhelmed, may possibly feel like you are behind in life, you should have graduated already or you should have this job or this kind of income etc. The comparison game can quickly creep up on you but I’m here to tell you that YOU are exactly where GOD wants you to be! If you have been following along on my Instagram then you have probably heard me talk about “embracing your chaos” There is no time limit when you should be done with school, there is no time limit when you should be married and having kids, there is no time limit when you should start a family, society is funny and sometimes it makes you feel like you should have graduated at this age and had started a family by this age etc. Time is precious and it is not slowing down for no one. Enjoy your loved ones this season, soak them up you have to live your days like it is the last one. Surround yourself around people who genuinely care for you. Work hard, Don’t be afraid to say NO and softly embrace your chaos. Until next time, I have some exciting blog posts coming up! stay tuned…


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XO Tanya

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